Sunday, November 29, 2009

Module 2--Hardware

As an intro...I lost total track on my calendar so I am a week behind.

One thing that I noticed on the EnableMart website is the vast array of tools that are available to students and teachers. I can see that this could be very overwhelming and very useful for all parties involved.

While reflecting with some of the adaptations and accommodations available for students and co-workers I realized that this could be an entire job. There is a student in my school that is constantly being adapted and accommodated. He has learning and hearing difficulties. One thing that is adapted is for his listening. All of his teachers have a microphone attached to their clothing that not only amplifies the teacher's voice but also records the lectures or classroom happenings into a MP3 file for the student to access later. Also, this same student has an adaptive keyboard that he uses for notes and all his classwork so his handwriting is not a concern.

I also think about my co-workers who have to be at a computer screen constantly throughout the day. Some of the secretaries in my building have had issues with their backs and their eyes. The school has resolved this by providing the ergonomically correct chair for their use as well as lowering the lighting for their offices so their eyes are not as strained while looking at the computer.

In my needs assessment I am trying to focus on the autistic classroom recently added to my school district. The students are becoming a great asset to my school. However, I think some of the faculty and students do not think that these students will be able to adapt to technology and other adaptive devices. I would like to show them different.

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