Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week 9, Thing 20

The video associated with this blog I hope is not offensive to people. But I received it through facebook and it is fascinating to me. I'm thinking of it as a public service announcement...for the parents of college students....think about how they are spending their time. Enjoy it!

I love YOUTUBE!!! My husband and I are always on it for new information, finding old episodes of shows, and for just finding cool things (beer pong video!). The quest one night was to find a Seinfeld episode and with some quick tag search terms, we found it!

I think for a librarian and for really any teacher, I think the use of Youtube is great for creating a point of a lesson, for adding to a lesson, and for even creating a front-loading technique. I used Youtube for a clip to show the trailer of To Kill a Mockingbird prior to reading the book. It is mysterious but provides a visual for characters.

I know through my own family use that I can create a playlist. Something I would love to do in the library is create a playlist dealing with book talks or author interviews. I would alredy have clips that I want to use ready.

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