Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Module 5--The Final Chapter

I think the most valuable thing I learned was the selection of the hardware and software. I realize the difficulty that a decision like that is and how valuable in this day and age to have the technology for someone who has a disability and needs adaptations. I think I will be able to better look at the person instead of the disability. I think I will be more understanding and patient for those students who need the adaptations. I know that there are times that I am annoyed by having to tweak things or attend and IEP meeting. I think now I will be better equipped to share resources with parents and others.

I think this tutorial is a nice overview and tip-of-the-ice-burg type of resource. I thought it was thorough but at the same time simple to complete. I felt that I learned new information and will be able to better serve my students.

I have already linked the Library Thing to my wikispace and I have shared the list with a few of my teachers. And I think that having the access to the professional books as well as the fiction books is a great way to create awareness to everyone.

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