Thursday, December 17, 2009

Post Final Exam--reflection of readings

When I compare the books to what I like I would have to say that the Courtney text was of more value to me than Jurkowski. I thought that Courtney was easier to read and it had some immediate application. There were a few chapters that I found to be the most beneficial when I comes to my goals of incorporating web 2.0 tools in my library. For example...podcasting. As soon as I heard about podcasting I immediately thought of booktalks and some sort of library greeting program. I would love to have a library program where they are greeted by Mrs. Line in avatar form or me sharing the latest releases in the library. I like how Courtney explains the Getting Started with podcasting. The tools listed are very simple to pick up and very cost effective.

I think the second chapter that I found the most useful is the chapter in Jurkowski on the technology plan. Having just gone thru a technology plan development, I was happy to now have a tool in my hand to help me evaluate the plan. I also liked how Jurkowski explained the importance of the librarian/media specialist in the development of technology. I also liked how there is an emphasis on the importance of professional development and the technology plan development. I think this is something that is sometimes missed in some of the components that require change.

I think that both texts have their value and their place for me to further my quest to make technology more prominant in my school.

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  1. I agree with you - I think that podcasting new library books & events is a great idea!! If only I could figure out how to fit it into my schedule....

    Maybe next year!