Saturday, October 31, 2009

Week 8, thing 19

I thought Library Thing was and IS a great tool to use. I think it could be used by my students to create lists and to share their reading activities. I also think, besides in the librarian world that I'm accustomed to, I could use this as a personal portfolio for my reading and future reading. I have used a similar program, that being Shelfari. I think the major difference between Shelfari and Library Thing is that the Library Thing has the connection to the LOC and other librarians. Shelfari does have the access to Amazon just like Library Thing. I like how the blog shows how other librarians used Library Thing for recommendations to specific groups like the teen population. I would use it for that and to share professional development with teachers.

In the "How Libraries are using LT" it mentioned the issue a librarian was having with connecting some of the reviews and lists with the OPAC. I think that this partially resolved by some of the circulation programs that are coming popular like Follet Destiny or Alexidria. These programs have the capabilities to allow the users to write the reviews and design their own "shelves", like Library Thing and Shelfari.

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