Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 2

I could not wait to find a reason to create my blog for my library. I have always thought that this was a great forum for me to share my thoughts and an easy way to have students share some things. I would like to see if I can develop a school-wide forum for this as well as some other areas of my life. I have jumped on the blog wagon this summer by subscribing to a few specific library blogs. I have found that at first I felt obligated to read every aspect of the blog and its links. It took me forever. But I listened a wise man explain to me that just like a newspaper or magazine I can and SHOULD filter what I read as it pertains to me. Just like a search engine I can find that blog later and read about what is written. I felt the weight of my reading world lifted. Since then I have been able to discern what I read thru the blog world.

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