Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 3, thing 2

I attempted the mashups and LOVED the idea for business cards and I even thought for the top of memos that I have to send out periodically. I think I need to work with it a little more before I feel comfortable with using and sharing my image with the world.

I liked the purpose of Mappr. I thought about projects that could be created for international studies or even a basic elementary pen-pal program. The students could look for images to match with pen-pal communication.

I loved the poster mash up and using Big Huge Labs. I thought it was very easy and I was able to easily make a poster.

I thought using my friend's muppet in the photo would be great for my first project.

I think this would be great for creating those Read Posters for the library as well as other promotional items in the library.

I really like some of the tools because it is free and pretty easy to use.


  1. cool poster! I think I could spend hours making posters... so fun!

  2. I LOVE it!! You're right; this could be a really fun way to make posters and promotional items for a library. The options are endless!