Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 4 Thing 8

So I learned about RSS feeds over the summer. I thought it was a great tool for me to use for my personal use. I thought about the time I would be able to save by having an RSS . All the blogs and all the information that I am always seeking would be found at one location. So that is what I created over the summer using Netvibes. I thought it was easy to use and it was compatiable with most of the things I read dealing with scrapbooking and parenting 2 little can you guess what I subscribed to?

I talked to a friend of mine who attended the same workshop I did and she said that she was going to use the RSS feed for her science classroom. She created a few blogs for the students to read, CNN student, and a few newsfeeds associated with topics that she will be studying. So before school began I created a Netvibes account for my library. I read on Netvibes and remembered from my workshop how to create a private and a public RSS feed. So I created an account for my library and called it PAHS Library...very original. I then thought about what would I want students to read and what do I want for my own professional development on an RSS feed.

I set up for my students a section that showed some of the latest in young adult literature and some recommended book lists through Booklist. I also added the student news report from CNN. I think what I would like to take this is asking teachers what they would like to see their students reading on the RSS feed. I have not had a great response except from some English teachers who suggest some writing tips or SAT tips.

For my professional development, I found a feed for a blog that I read every day...or when it is posted, Library Bytes. So I added that feed, then I searched out some feeds dealing with young adult literature and censorship thru ALA. I thought it was a well rounded feed. I then moved my private feed to my private professional development feed so I can have my scrapbooking and parenting tips.

I really like this concept! I think it is so easy to use AND I do not have to worry about finding the information. I think, besides the description listed above, I would like to introduce this concept to students who are researching. This could be a means to see latest research on specific topics like an email alert for the EbscoHost article.

This is my public RSS feed...


  1. Wow that is a great idea, setting up the RSS for students and their research. It sounds like you have been very thoughtful and intentional about how to use RSS both professionally and personally.

  2. Way to go - you are ahead of the game on this one! Keep up the good work and congratulations on using technology to enhance the educational experience of your students!

  3. great use of RSS -- onto the library portal. That way the school will want to return daily to the site for new content. Yay!