Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 3, thing 1

Okay, I have been to trainings dealing with Flickr but I have not had a lot of success in making it work with me. So here is my image....

I thought that there is nothing so sweet as taking a picture of a dog doing something that is very human. I loved the title of this photo.."shhhhhh...let me read." Classic!!--wait strike that...I could not get the dog reading to work due to the "copyright" issue. So I found another photo dealing with reading. I was happy to be able to learn from this experience. I was getting frustrated. I am wondering how the link feature works. I tried that first with this photo and it also would not appear.

Something that is easy with Flickr is the fact that simple search terms are able to bring up what could cover the keyword search. I thought also that since the search is relied upon by tags I thought that the tags were established by the creator of the photo. I thought it was giving me the creator's perspective of the photo. Some of the photos were right on with the tag, where some I was left me scratching my head. So unlike clipart, I sometimes had to guess as to why a picture was tagged the way it was.

I like the use of Flickr in the classroom and providing this for teachers as a means to give a visual to what they are working on in the classroom.

I also liked the groups. I also did a keyword search for groups like "librarians", "moms" "vacation goers"--and I found a lot of worthwhile groups that I liked and the photos seemed relivant as well as purposful.

I think that Flickr is also different from other photo sharing sites. Snapfish appears to be more for "family vacation photos" where Flickr appears that it has almost an artistic feel to it. May be I'm wrong here.


  1. Flickr does seem more artistic to me too. I had fun looking through the photos. I really liked the mapping feature too. There are endless educational opportunities there. Have fun flickring!

    Brandy Elford

  2. good insights about tagging and its value; the Muppet image isn't real clear so might now work for you