Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 5, thing 10

I have always wanted this information! Oh, look at the picture prior to this post. It should be my friend's muppet again in a milk carton. I tried to post me in the frame but I could not get the picture to look right so I went back with the muppet. I think it works.

I used for the first time ImageChef. I think it is very easy to use and easy to navigate thru. I clicked into the help section and received a quick tutorial as to how to use the poetry blender and the sketchpad. I liked both of them and I think I can use them for promotional items in the library. And not to take from my thoughts a few weeks ago, I think, I think I could use this as a means to simulate those READ posters and are popular. In the classroom, I can see this being benefical for designing posters for specific topics. For example, I could see my US Government teacher finding this helpful during election season for the kids to create campaign posters. Also, I was thinking in other history classes students "posting" themselves in scenes that have historical signifcance like the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I think ImageChef does not have that type of capabilty but I know of some programs that have those means.

Since beginning this course I have shared this information with my CFF coach and a few teachers who are excellent with integrating technolgy in their classrooms. I think this will be another tool that they will find useful in education.

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  1. glad you found some sites that you can share with other teachers