Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 7, thing 17

Vietnam Webquest

I hope I did this right...

I've used webquests before and I think they truly aid in the student taking on their own own learning and managing their own environment. I think if the classroom is maintained and students are shown their expectations and what is the task, they would be able to accomplish their tasks. I think that their learning is at its best when they are able to control their learning and not given the busy work.

I chose this topic because last year I thought that this teacher needed a "jump start" to her project. The project dragged on for weeks, where it should have been done in approx. 2. The students could care less and the teacher could not understand why she was receiving plagiarized papers and others that were not meeting her expectations. We have begun collaborating for her project and when I saw this opportunity, I thought I would suggest to her a webquest or possibly Ning as a means to get the project jump started with the basic information and then students would be able to branchout on their own for topics and the research.

I think a wiki is great for sharing ideas and for letting people know about projects. I think that it would be great for all content areas in schools and for professional development.

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