Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 8, thing 18

I think the usage of these tools online will only enhance productivity. I think Zoho and Google Docs is great for students to use for any type of work, in and out of school. Prior to this activity I was only familiar with Google Docs and was just introduced to Zoho. I have to say that I found Zoho much easier to use. I did not even have to go thru the tutorial. I was able to just start clicking. I did click into the features and I liked the options available like the online note taker, planner, presenter, and word processing. I think those programs would be the most useful for my students for a few reasons but they are wrapped into one. I'm in a 47% poverty/free lunch school district so students do not have computers at home but if they do they do not work or are only for the internet. So to have a program like this availabe, I am increasing the odds that students will work on things at home. Also, for the school computer maintenance, I am pushing students to open Google Doc accounts for the same reason as listed and to maintain my computers.

As I was exploring my Zoho account I found an option to post my practice document directly to my blog so I did this. I'm going to post it as a blog. I saved the document as a draft because I wanted to be able to find it. I am also going to export the document as an HTML, which I am finding to be just as easy. I looked at Google Docs and I could not find that option. I think a major difference between Google Docs and Zoho is the fact that Google appears to focus on the collaboration aspect where Zoho is focusing on the productivity. I'm not sure if this is something that others have seen and I would be curious to find what others think.


  1. Interesting perspective. I hadn't stop to think about the difference in Zoho and Google Docs. I think both of them have a lot of uses. What I wonder is why not just make documents on your computer and load them to a wiki? Same thing? Help me out here!

    ps..Love the Black Eyed Peas!

  2. that's an insightful observation about Zoho and Google docs