Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 5, thing 12

I have to admit that I found Rollyo difficult to navigate thru. I thought it was slow to upload and slow to create the final product. Having said that, I do see great value in this. I think that I could use Rollyo as a means to substitute the NetTrekker that was cut due to budget cuts. For those that do not know what NetTrekker is, it was similar to Rollyo and was very student friendly. I see this as more teacher focus because the teacher is creating the websites, where NetTrekker was a search engines that was geared for student/school use. Things were already screened for appropriateness.

I chose the topic of Vietnam because it was one of the few research topics that come into the library that has a theme base. A lot of the research that I work with is usually open topic. I think I could use rollyo by creating the some already searches for some of the topics, like explorers and authors. I would be able to eliminate the "google" issue.

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