Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 5, thing 11

Okay, I found something that could be more addicting than the other tools that I already use on the vast WWW. That is

It is so simple to use! It starts with a search bar that you have a limited amount of characters to type. Now while you type it is searching what you want. To test this, I started typing "time to scrapbook." I came up with a list of things that have various topics: I could start a conversation with another mother who asked a similar question, I could see a poll that was created to that question, or I could see suggestions to answer that question. All of them were short and to the point. I loved it!!!! It is perfect for the mom on the go but also great for expecting moms. There are topics to click into once an account is created. With an account, you can share you search and posts on facebook or other social networks. It also shows the top topics of the day.

As for Ning, I had an account already created but it has been a social network that I've had difficulty staying on top of at this point. However, I see great value in it as a means of having the social network with those who are interested in similar topics. I already had a social connection to the ALA and another Librarian network.

I think like email, I would have another alias for my interests like scrapbooking, mother-hood, and other things. I will continue to play with it.


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  2. exactly: common values/interests that cross geography/borders

  3. I linked you on my blog today to see if we can get some Technorati ratings to go up. I think the more other blogs link you, the higher your authority rating. When you register and claim your blog it will start to track that. Let's see if we can influence our ratings by linking each other!