Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 6 thing 14

Tags is something that people do not think is important but I can definitely find value in it. I try to tag my blogs, my bookmarks on Diigo, and my wikispace pages. I started doing that because I saw that there was a space for "tags" so I thought I had to do it. I thought up my keywords and typed them in. But I did not know if I was doing it right. Something I see as a possible issue is the fact that I was the one thinking up the tags. Someone looking for something might miss my posted information on my blog or wiki because my keywords do not match their keywords. However, after looking at the top tags for the past month on Technorati, I think I'm doing it right.

Again, I think this also has value because I will probably better remember what I did if I've associaated my own personal meaning to posts or wiki spaces.

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  1. that's one of the +/- of tags: they're personally meaningful and there are no rules. See folksonomies. But think if a catalog were created that way instead of authorized subject headings!